Those Dry-stone Walls

Bruce Munday
With photos by Kristin Munday

South Australia is blessed with beautiful stone – stone with colour, texture and light. Some of our stone structures have stood for 150 years, never touched by mortar.

The stories behind these stone walls are captured in this book, first published in December 2012 and launched by David Williamson.

The book has sold out three times and has been reprinted again with revisions. A third reprint will be available before Christmas 2017. Signed copies will be available from the author.

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Those Dry-stone Walls has been reprinted for the third time. If you are interested in purchasing a signed copy or simply want to say hello, please contact Bruce as indicated below.

Bruce Munday
Ph: 0417 895 249

Dry-stone Wall Workshops

Workshops are held multiple time through the year, please head over to the Workshops page for more information.

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